Asco is a hybrid distributor of electronic components

Our global sales team and technology platforms give our customers the best of both worlds.

  • Franchise Lines

    Our growing list of franchise lines are available from our sales team as well as our website

  • Independent

    We cater to the customers and tailor programs to their needs. We are not restricted by geography or to a locked to a particular brand.

  • Quality

    Our quality process begins with a thorough qualification of our supply chain and is tracked real-time with our proprietary vendor rating system.

  • Technology

    Our in-house technology teams specialize in ERP integrations and the development of digital supply-chain tools to benefit our customers and partners.

A quick glance at our unique supply chain programs

Spread MOQ among EMS partnersAvoid creating excessUnique solutions that don't increase your cost
Reduce seldom used, problematic, or unfavorable payment terms suppliersOpen book transactionsFull traceability
Receive line-by-line market data on pricingFocus on specific items during price negotiationsGives leverage during negotiationsCompensation by line item or percent of savings
Cost Savings

Cost Savings

  •  Our global sales team and technology platforms give our customers the best of both worlds.
  •  Traditionally 40% of our revenue comes from PPV & Cost Savings activities.
  •  Help clients became a Zero-Inventory company, which can Avoid excess inventory and save cash. Just easily buy when you need it.
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