XMOS released VocalFusion sound processing chip in July 2017. Based on XCORE200 series single chip, the company completed the microphone array algorithm, which includes echo cancellation, beamforming, reverberation elimination, noise suppression and voice enhancement.VocalFusion XVF3000 series provides remote field pickup effects for controlling devices and voice recognition, while achieving 360-degree beamforming voice tracking, full-duplex echo cancellation and interruption effects.

XVF3000 Features

  • 4 - channel PDM microphone is supported with adjustable microphone spacing
  • Supports ring and linear 4-way microphone arrays
  • Built-in microphone array algorithm and sound card play sound
  • Use USB(UAC1.0) and I2S to transfer audio data
  • Algorithm parameters can be configured via USB and I2C

XVF3000 software block diagram board

PXVF3000-KIT evaluation board

 Integrated with
XMOS XVF3000 series of chips.

The evaluation board completes the front-end algorithms of the microphone array such as far-field sound pickup, echo cancellation, beamforming, noise suppression and sound source location.Supports 4-channel digital PDM microphone, circular or linear array.Users can access the USB interface directly through Windows, Linux and android platforms to quickly test the effect of the microphone array processing, or they can use the I2S interface audio transmission method, which is very flexible to use a variety of project evaluation requirements.The corresponding USB DFU update file is provided to assist users in the evaluation of various applications and adjust the parameters of the microphone array algorithm.

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