A serial port expansion solution

Solution introduction 

This solution can realize a variety of protocol conversion between flexible bridge, such as SPI turn eight portand serial port, Ethernet turn 16 serial port and USB turn 8 road, etc. Multiway serial ports are baud rate can amount to 115200 BPS rate, sending and receiving are independenly. Completely break through the limit of traditional MCU of UART. Single chip solutions to reduce cost and shorten the development cycle for cats pool, ring monitoring, medical monitoring, etc.


SPI to 8 port

  • mian control: XS1-L08A
  • Support serial interface dynamically extend support 1 ~ 8 road, send and receive independently
  • Support for 8 kinds of baud rate, up to 115200 BPS
  • The SPI clock up to 33 MHZ
  • Support error status query and fault interrupt
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