Micphone Array Voice Capture

The mature 4~32 channel microphone array acquisition hardware and software complete solution, can adapt to a variety of user applications.We have provided 4, 6, 6+1, 8, 9, 16 and 32 mic microphone array acquisition schemes to assist users in a variety of applications and scheme evaluation.The microphone array acquisition scheme based on XMOS chip provided by zhiqi weiye has high flexibility: the number of microphones is flexible;Compatible with ETM microphones, moving coil microphones, EMMS analog microphones, I2S microphones, TMD and PDM microphones;The microphone array array can be designed flexibly according to user requirements.

USB (UAC2.0) was used for extended multichannel microphone array signal acquisition to the operating system, which assisted in providing complete Android, Linux and Windows routine source code drivers for multichannel audio track analysis, ensuring highly consistent synchronization of multichannel microphone signals.


Multichannel microphone signal acquisition   Microphone array front end processing​

16 number / 32 road digital microphone signal acquisition device products used by many scientific research institutions in the acoustic signal and other user application in specific applications, multichannel audio collection equipment flexibility and high performance breakthrough the bottleneck of traditional technology and cost, as new areas such as AI research provides a good platform.The product meets the following requirements:

  • Microphone split design and quantity can be expanded
  • High performance SNR and high data volume USB transmission
  • Highly consistent synchronicity (phase, amplitude)

Multi-channel microphone signal acquisition software and hardware solutions for domestic companies and intelligent terminal manufacturers.4~10 microphone signals are collected through USB and uploaded to the operating system for microphone array front-end algorithm processing, which can achieve high-quality remote sound pickup, echo cancellation and beamforming effects.The solution implements the following requirements:

  • Flexible expansion of microphone models and Numbers
  • USB (UAC2.0) multi-channel transmission
  • Highly consistent synchronicity (phase, amplitude)


Multi-channel microphone signal acquisition hardware and software solutions have also been widely used in intelligent audio, intelligent television, intelligent conference system and other fields, conference shorthand, voice pattern acquisition, voice positioning system and other specific occasions.

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