XMOS released the XVF3500 linear 4-mic array sound processing chip in March 2018, which supports stereo AEC processing. The algorithm includes echo cancellation, beamforming, reverberation elimination, noise suppression, and speech enhancement.Suitable for smart TVS and SoundBar products.

XVF3500 Features

  • 4-channel PDM microphone, linear microphone array
  • Built-in microphone array algorithm and sound card play sound
  • Use USB(UAC1.0) and I2S to transfer audio data
  • High performance stereo echo cancellation

XVF3500 Software block diagram

PXVF3500-KIT Evaluation board


The pxvf3500-kit evaluation board integrates the linear microphone array algorithm of the XMOS XVF3500 chip, so that users can quickly evaluate the optimization effect of the microphone array integrated with the XMOS XVF3500 chip. The evaluation board completes the front-end algorithm of the microphone array, such as far field pickup, stereo echo cancellation, beam forming, noise suppression and sound source location.Supports 4 - channel digital PDM microphone linear array.Users can quickly evaluate projects by connecting USB directly to the smart TV and Sound Bar.

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