Solution introduction
XMOS AVB solution is the first solution of AVB that have been certificated by AVnu company. Ethernet and AVB protocol used for network transmission of audio and video data. XMOS gigabit Ethernet chip can realize 32 x32 input/output channel and network transmission, at the same time can be flexible to  various audio interface input and output, such as I2S, TDM, S/PDIF, ADAT, etc. Less than 2 ms low latency and low cost is an ideal  solution for applications in car entertainment systems, to systems and mixer and other products.

AVB Endpoint

  • Main control:XS1-L16A
  • 100M Ethernet realized 802.1Qav、802.1AS、802.1Qat
  • IEEE 1722 and 1722.1 network protocol standard
  • support up to 32 channel 、sample rate and 24bit audio data input output
  • less than 2ms low latency and realized  1722.1network node management
  • support star class network topology



MC(Multichannel Audio Platform)

  • main control:XE216-512-TQ128
  • 1000M Ethernet realized 802.1Qav、802.1AS、802.1Qat IEEE 1721 and  1722.1 network protocol standard
  • support up to 32x32 channel and other audio input output
  • less than 2ms low latency and low cost 1722.1 network node management.
  • support daisy chain and other network topology
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