Asco housewarming!

Author: adminTime: 2021-08-18 18:00:00

August 18th, ASCO held a #housewarming #ceremony. Secretary General Xu Huiying was invited to attend the housewarming ceremony of #ASCO Electronic Group Co., Limited. On behalf of the secretariat of the Chamber of Commerce and member companies, she sent sincere wishes to the great success of ASCO.

At the same time, the Shenzhen #Electronics Chamber of Commerce interviewed and reported on ASCO's housewarming ceremony. They said in the report:"Thanks to the general manager #Elva for her strong support to the work of E-Chamber of Commerce, building consensus, gathering strength, and the majority of member enterprises to build a value ecosystem belonging to e-person. Enabling better resource connection, E-Chamber of Commerce will continue to play a bridge role."

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