PCIM, power electronics energy show, nuremberg, Germany

Author: JancyTime: 2020-01-03 23:00:00

Our Zeasset 's capacitor is displayed at the PCIM in nuremberg, Germany.It covers everything from semiconductors, components and sensors, to motors and rectifiers, to power management systems, simulation and design software, and more on the latest trends in power electronics.Exhibits cover semiconductor, passive components, magnetic and core materials, thermal management, sensing components, assemblies and subsystems, servo technology/actuators, motion intelligence, power supply, power quality, testing and measurement, development software, information and service related fields.

With the rapid development of China's industrial development, as one of the industrial core components (components) aluminum electrolytic capacitor is becoming more and more important.The demand for aluminum electrolytic capacitors for civil, industrial and military products such as electrical products, industrial robots, large equipment manufacturing industry is increasing, which makes the market of aluminum electrolytic capacitors expand rapidly.

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