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智其伟业ASCO (www.hkasco.com) was founded in 2005 and has 19years of experience in the industry. ASCO is a leading independent distributor of electronic components.

Warehouses established in Hong Kong,Shenzhen, andSingapore to support fast delivery, For both Domestic & International market. ASCO has certification of ISO 9001, also member ofERAI, the Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of commerce, and the China Information Industry Chamber of Commerce ElectronicComponent Application and Supply Chain Branch.

ASCO's headquarter is located in Shenzhen with branch office in Shanghai, Hongkong,Singapore, India, Canada, and other locations. Singapore serves as the Southeast Asia regional sales office, encompassing Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, lndonesia and the Philippines. The global procurement and sales team comprises up to 87 people with approximately 52% in sales,10% intechnical roles, 28% in procurement, and 10% in operations management.

OUR VISION:Becoming the world's respected component value-added service provider 

OUR MISSION:At Asco Technologies, our mission is to be the trusted link in the global electronics supply chain, connectingmanufacturers, OEMs, and businesses with quality

electronic components they need to innovate and thrive

Corporate Values:Integrity   Altruism    Gratitude    Mutual Success

Our leadership team brings over 19 years of industry experience

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